Program a camera pattern using the CM9760-KBD keyboard.


How to program a camera pattern using the CM9760-KBD keyboard.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


PTZ camera


Camera continuously follow a set movement (Pan Tilt Zoom).


  1. Call up the camera you would like to program using CM9760-KBD.
  2. Select the DEF button on the keyboard, enter the pin number 1234 if required. Notice in the upper left hand corner that the keyboard is in DEFINE mode with the letters DEF under the monitor icon.
  3. Select the icon that looks like a sine wave. Notice the icon changes to a black background.
  4. Move the joystick in the desired pattern.
  5. Select the icon that looks like a sine wave again. Notice the black background goes away.

The pattern is now programmed and you can call it up via the PRST menu on the keyboard.