How do I remotely connect and configure a KBD200A or KBD300A Universal Keyboard with Pelco Matrix Switchers?


Extend the distance of a KBD200A or KBD300A Universal Keyboard for remote monitoring stations.

KBD300A Switches when connected to a Matrix

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700 Matrix Switcher.
  • CM6800 Matrix Switcher.
  • CM9700 Matrix Switcher.
  • KBD200A.
  • KBD300A.
  • KBDKIT Keyboard Kit.


Installation, and System Upgrades.


Note: For remote keyboards be sure that the remote port is configured for KBD300

KBDKIT(Keyboard Kit)
To install more than one keyboard on a matrix switcher, you must have a kit for each keyboard.

The Remote Keyboard Wiring Kits are used to remotely connect KBD100, KBD200, or KBD300 keyboards to Pelco Matrix Switchers, and allows for wire extensions up to 4000 feet on a CAT5 or better cable. The remote keyboard wiring kit includes two RJ-45 wall blocks and a power transformer to convert 120 VAC power to 12 VAC.

To connect the keyboards:
If the DIP switches on the keyboards have not been set already, refer to your keyboard manual to set the switches. Set addressing and Matrix mode (CM6700/CM6800.)

KBD300A Example:

                               **Firmware version 4.20 and higher automatically recognizes CM6700/CM6800 and Direct P Mode.
                                  Switch 6 on also turns on turbo mode.

  •  When wiring Keyboards: Daisychain the wire from the Matrix to the first keyboard wall jack; out to the second wall jack to the third and so on...



Note:  No prgramming on the CM6700

Note: Remote Keyboard wiring: TX+ to RX+ and TX- to RX- on the wall block


Note: If connecting to COM4 then it will need to programed for KBD300 (the default setting is for the Genex Multiplexer).


 Note: Use Straight through cable and cut the other end open and connect PIN 1 to TX+, PIN 2 to TX-, PIN 7 to RX- and PIN 8 to RX+ on the first wall block (PIN1 is top wire)

Note:  Use CAT5 or better for wiring