Calibrate (Reset) the KBD300A Version 5.70


  • How to Calibrate  the KBD300A with Version 5.70.
  • No Keyboard function on KBD300A.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


KBD300A Version 5.70


  • KBD300A joystick needs calibrated.
  • Hardware or software glitch due to power outage causing PTZ control not to work.


  1. Power down the KBD300A Universal keyboard.
  2. Press and hold down the AUX OFF (16 camera view button).
  3. Power the KBD300A up release the AUX OFF, 16 camera view button after the version number has flashed on the led and go's out.
  4. Select Your number of monitor you want: example 1 MON
  5. Select the Camera number you want: example 1 CAM
  6. This will work on version 5.7 anything lower then reference Lessons Learned Article #8640






If the KBD300A is not responding to monitor call up when first plugged in, it might be possible that the Joystick is out of calibration.

Automatic Calibration of the Joystick

The KBD300A will calibrate the joystick automatically on power-up and every 30 minutes of inactivity. This is the default operation of the keyboard and will ensure optimal joystick performance.

Make sure the joystick remains in the center position as power is applied to the keyboard. Do not move or hold down the joystick until after the red LEDs have finished flashing the software version number