Third Party DVRs and Miscellaneous Video Appliances Display Washed-Out Video.


All cameras display washed out video on the 3rd party DVR

3rd party switcher, multiplexer, and dvr displays white out video on monitor.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • Third party DVR
  • Pelco analog camera
  • CM9770-MXB
  • PMCL Monitors


Double termination - The CM9770-MXB and the third party DVR was terminated.

Impedance and signal amplitude are causes of washed out video.


Need to remove the termination from the CM9770-MXB by moving the jumpers from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3 on the CM9770-RPC card.

For instructions with illustration, see page 18 of the System CM9770 Installation/Operation manual.

Verify signal levels into monitor are within specifications for AD circuits.