Endura Workstation WS5070 or WS5080 front panel status LED modes


Endura WS5070 or WS5080 LED status indicator changes between red, yellow, and green.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura WS50xx Workstation All versions


The WS50xx status LED is green, yellow, or red


The WS5070 status indicator will change from yellow to green as it changes from Configuration Mode to Normal mode.
There are three different states the status indicator can be in:
  • Status Indicator Green: The unit is functioning normally
  • Status Indicator Yellow: The unit is in configuration mode
  • Status Indicator Red: The unit is in an error condition.
  • If the status indicator is red then run a diagnostic on the Endura Workstation.  To access the Endura WS5000 diagnostic menu, refer to Lessons Learned Article LL#16980.  The article can be viewed here
 For further information on LED descriptions, please refer to the WS5070 Endura Workstation Manual, page 17