Connecting a KBD300A Universal Keyboard to a CM9760-CDU-T Code Distribution Unit for direct camera control.


Unable to control PTZ cameras using a KBD300A Universal Keyboard connected to a CM9760-CDU-T Code Distribution Unit.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • KBD300A Universal Keyboard
  • CM9760-CDU-T Code Distribution Unit


Incorrect wiring between the KBD300A and the CM9760-CDU-t.


A KBDKIT is required to provide wiring connections and power to a KBD300A when connected to a CM9760-CDU-t. 


1.  Set the DIP Switch on the KBD300A to either Direct P or Direct D mode.
      Direct P = SW5 ON all others OFF
      Direct D = SW5 ON, SW7 ON, all others OFF
2.  Connect a Pelco Straight cable from the KBD300a to the KBDKIT wall block. 
3.  Connect the 12VAC power module (included with the KBDKIT) to terminals 3 and 4 on the KBDKIT wall block.
4.  Wire a reverse connection from the KBDKIT wall block terminals 1 and 2 to pins 7 and 8 on the CM9760-CDU-t as shown in the diagram: