Add a PTZ camera to a CM9740 or CM9760 Series Matrix using System Manager versions 7.80.003 through 8.03.012.


Unable call up a new Spectra PTZ dome camera that has been connected to a CM9740-MXB.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9740-CC1, CM9760-CC1 or CM9700-CC1 CPU controller
  • CM9740-MXB or CM9760-MXB Matrix Bay
  • System Manager versions 7.80.003 through 8.03.012
  • Spectra Analog Camera (any version)
  • (Optional) CM9760-CDU-t Code Distribution Unit


PTZ Camera not enabled in the CM9740 or CM9760 Matrix configuration.


Program PTZ Setup

1. Open System Manager and logon as Admin.

2. Click the System Setup button, the Configuration Files windows opens.

3. Select the node the camera has been connected to and click the Setup Files button to open the configuration.

4. Select the Cameras tab.

5. In the Defined Cameras box, select the physical port which the camera is connecting to.

6. In the Edit Camera Fields box, enter a logical number for the camera. The logical number will be used by

operators to call the camera to a monitor.

7. Enter the camera name in the Ident field.

8. Press the OPER ACC button and place a check mark for each operator number that will be granted access

to the camera. Click OK when done.

9. In the Port Number field, enter the number of the SERCOM port on the CM9760-CC1 that the camera or

hosting CM9760-CDU-T is connected to.

10 In the Port Address field, enter the Pelco P address which has been assigned to the camera. Note: This is the address for P protocol to set Dip Switches for on a PTZ camera.

11. Click on save and close.

12. Click the Write Files button and export the updated configuration files to a 3.5 in floppy disc.

Copy the new files to the Matrix CC1 CPU controller according the instructions in Lesson Learned Article #10842