Programmed new cameras on the CM9700 Matrix System, but receiving a Offline message on the CM9760-KBD Keyboard.


Programmed new cameras but none will not display on the Matrix System.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9700-CC1 version 9.03.055
  • System Manager version 9.03.032


Multiple sets of flat files loaded on the CM9700-CC1; the batch file is loading the incorrect set of files.


  1. Enter Ctrl Q to exit to DOS.
  2. At the DOS prompt type edit startup.bat
  3. Arrow over to the improper file name and delete it, replacing it with the current file name that you wish to run.
  4. Press Alt F and select save file.
  5. Press Alt F and select exit to return to a prompt.
  6. Type startup to restart the program.