Camera inputs on the CM9765 Matrix system are bright and look washed out.


When viewing video on the CM9765 system monitors it appears very bright.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9765-MXB
  • CM9700-CC1 version 903.055
  • CM9760-KBD-US version 8.45


When in a non-looping configuration the jumpers must be in the terminated position on the CM9765-RPC (rear panel card)


Note:  Proper termination occurs at the end of the video path.  For example, camera connects to CM9765-MXB then loops out to DVR.  In this example the CM9765-MXB is unterminated and the DVR is terminated.  DVRs typically terminate via a software setting, but may also terminate with a switch adjustment.  Consult with the DVR manufacturer for details.
  1. Locate the CM9765-RPC (rear panel card) in question and loosen the screws at the top and bottom of the BNC card.
  2. Pull the BNC card towards you until it is out of the frame.

  3. Since the CM9765-RPC consists of two cards assembled together, you must access the termination jumpers on both sides of the card.
  4. Move the jumper to pins 1 and 2 which is the terminated position.
  5. Gently push the BNC card back into the matrix card cage frame and reinstall the screws top and bottom.
For instructions with illustration, see page 19 in the System 9765 Installation / Operation manual