Analog Camera Video signal fails to appear (properly or at all) on a Pelco DVR/HVR/NVR/VMS system, yet displays clearly if directly connected to an analog monitor?


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Analog Camera Video signal fails to appear (properly or at all) on a Pelco DVR/HVR/NVR/VMS system, yet displays clearly if directly connected to an analog monitor?

Camera has no video at DVR but has video when connected direct to a Monitor

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Most industry Digital Video Recorder Devices (DVR/HVR/NVS/VMS)

  • DSSRV - ENC5416/ENC5516
  • DX8000/DX8100
  • DX4500/DX4600/DX4700/DX4800
  • DX4000/DX4100


Video signal level is too far out of specification to be processed by the Devices' internal Analog-to-Digital Conversion Processor.


It is an extremely common mistake to assume that video signal from a given camera is "good", simply because it appears to come through clearly on an analog CCTV monitor.

Digital and Hybrid Video Recorders' analog-to-digital conversion process requires the provided video signal meets Composite standards.
In contrast, analog devices - such as analog CCTV monitors, multiplexers, etc - are tolerant by nature, often able to display video from a substandard signal.

Improper Cable/Connector selection or installation is the most common cause. An Oscilloscope or Camera Master should be utilized to troubleshoot video signal integrity.

For more information, see the attached Article Choosing The Correct Coaxial Cable For CCTV Applications.

For assistance identifying a video signal problem, contact your Pelco Certified Dealer/Installer or Pelco Manufacturers Representative.