MCS Series Master Power Supply power input wiring


Remove all power from all devices before removing any covers or doors of the system. Disconnect the power at the device and at the power source.


Does the MCS power supply feature an attached power cord?

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Pelco Transmission & Power



  • Product is being recommended and review is required for pre installation.  
  • Installation for attaching power input wiring.
  • MCS does not feature an attached pre-made power cord.


! WARNING: Pelco shall  not be liable for any damages resulting from incorrect wiring or improper loading of an MCS Series Power Supply.

! WARNING: Units are equipped for 120 VAC line voltage at the factory. If you are using 240 VAC, you must change the main fuse:

  • FS01-0411-3001- 240VAC FUSE,INPUT 110V,5X20MM,GLASS,3A
  • FS01-0411-5001 – 120 VAC FUSE,FAST ACTING,5MMX20MM,GLASS,5A

Also, change the voltage selector switch. If 240 VAC power is applied with the selector switch set to 120 VAC, the main fuse will blow (fuse models) or the thermal breaker will open (breaker model).

  1. Verify the on/off switch inside the box is OFF. On MCS "S" and "SB" (switched) models, verify that the switch for each output is at the center (OFF) position.
  2. Refer to figure 1. Remove high-voltage compartment panel inside the box. Set the input voltage selector switch inside the compartment to appropriate line voltage. The switch is set at the factory for 120 VAC line voltage.
  3. If you are using 120 VAC line voltage, proceed to step 4. if you have a fuse model and are using 240 VAC line voltage, remove the 120 VAC fuse from the fuse holder directly above the power switch and install the appropriate fuse (refer to Table B). Find the fuse in the bag located inside the high-voltage compartment. (Extra fuses are supplied for spares.)
  4. Attach the 120/240 input wires to the flying leads in the compartment with the supplied clamp connectors.
    • Connect the Black (AC HI)  wire to the AC line lead.
    • Connect the White (AC LO) wire to the AC neutral lead.
  5. Attach the input Ground wire to the stud inside the compartment with the supplied washer and nut.
  6. Replace the access panel.