How to reset Genex Multiplexer back to factory default settings.


How do I reset Genex Multiplexer back to factory default?

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power


  • Genex Multiplexer Series (All Models)


  • Set language back to English.
  • No Video output for SPOT monitor.
  • Software Corruption.


To reset the multiplexer:

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Hold down the VIEW button on the multiplexer’s front panel while plugging the power cord into an electrical outlet.
  3. When the Initialization menu appears, release the VIEW button. (see NOTE for early version reset)
  4. The monitor indicates PLEASE WAIT and begins a 20-second countdown.
  5. When the countdown finishes, the menu disappears, the unit is now back to its factory default.


Note: Early versions of the Genex series will display the SYSTEM SETUP menu as a RESET and not perform the 20 second countdown.