How to add a system to DS ControlPoint for client connection?


How to configure DS ControlPoint Client to connect to a Digital Sentry or DX Series recorder?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint Client
  • Digital Sentry Series
  • DX Series (DS ControlPoint v7.12 and below)



  • The system name and Host name does not match the full computer name in the Server.
  • Wrong TCP/IP address in the connection list



  1. Launch the DS ControlPoint software  (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS ControlPoint)

  2. If prompted with a UAC (User Access Control) window requesting to make changes to the computer, select Yes.
  3. Select the Systems tab to access Connection Management (can also be access via Setup > Manage Systems)

  4. Click the Add System icon , or right-click in the blank area and select Add System    from the menu.

    Note: You can also select Discover Systems which will allow you to scan the network for a Digital Sentry or DX8100 video recorder.  If the recorder is not found, continue with the following steps.

  5. On the Add System tab,
    1. Name: Enter a name for the system, this is a name for the connection.
    2. Hostname or IP Address: Enter a host name or IP address, this is the connection information for the server you are connecting to.
    3. System Type: Select the series of VMS you are connecting to, for DSSRV / DSSRV2 using "DigitalSENTRY". The network port will be filled out with defaults.

      Default network ports
      • 18772 for DS
      • 9001 for DX4100/DX4500/DX4600/DX4700/DX4800
      • 9002 for DX8000/DX8100

        NOTE: When adding multiple systems the name cannot be the same on the systems.
    4. Category (Optional): Give a category name
    5. Username / Password: Enter the username and password which will authenticate with the VMS you are connecting to (default for DS is 'admin','admin')

    6. Description / Customer Fields (Optional): Add a description of the system.  Add custom fields which will show up as a sortable column in the Systems tab.
    7. Video Recorder: Make sure this box is checked.
    8. Auto Connect (Optional):  If you want to connect automatically to the system every time DS ControlPoint starts.

      Note:If Auto Connect is not enable, double click the Red dot in the System tab in Connection Management..
    9. Favorite (Optional): If you want to identify the system as a favorite that can be sorted at the top of the system list with other favorite systems.
    10. DataPoint Server: No longer supported, do not enable.
    11. Windows Auth:  Only enable this feature if you have been instructed by IT, this is used with DS recorders configured to use LDAP authentication.

  6. Once configuration of the system is complete, click the OK button to save.

    Note: If the "OK" button becomes GRAY color while entering a new system in the Connection Management setup page, please check the system's name and IP address
    information to asure the system is not already added to the system connection management page.
  7. Repeat these steps for each system.
  8. Double-click the system in the Systems tab to manually connect.


For more detailed information on DS ControlPoint operation, refer to the DS ControlPoint Operation manual.