What is the command to trigger the wiper using a Pelco keyboard?


What is the command to trigger the ExSite wiper?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ExSite Series with wiper
  • KBD300A
  • KBD200A


Functions to trigger wiper option of ExSite



1 AUX ON to turn on

1 AUX OFF to turn off

* The default programming for triggering the wiper is Preset 86. ExSite must be programmed, through the ExSite's menu structure, as AUX 1 for being triggered by an aux 1 command. 9-5-Preset to get into the menu and then get into the Wiper function sub menu through the Camera menu.

This feature programs the on/off control for the wiper. There are two available settings for wiper control, AUX 1 and Preset 86. If the wiper control is programmed for AUX 1, the wiper will operate when AUX 1 is accessed. If the wiper control is set to Preset 86, selecting preset 86 on your controller will turn the wiper on/off.

  • See LL#13498 for KBD300A instructions
  • See LL#8602 for CM9760-KBD instructions

** NOTE ** - IP based ExSite systems under current release as of September 2013 do NOT have the ability to use the AUX configuration through a software/web based application. What this means is that IF the controlling/recording system connected to the ExSite does NOT have the option of outputting PRESET-86 as a command, then a physical connection to the AUX wired inputs into the ExSite cameras' wiring cord (out of the side of the power module) will have to be made.

This means that either a momentary or a latching push-button/toggle-switch will have to be physically wired into the AUX wires for manual operation.