The PTZ crosshairs are not available when a camera is in a single division layout on the DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder.


The camera has the PTZ crosshairs when in a 16 division layout but when the camera is double-clicked to bring it up in a single division layout, the crosshairs disappear or are no longer available.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 v2.0.00.2717 - .2719
DX8100 Client v2.0.00.2717 - 2719


The DX8100s single division layout has become out of order and the panel number no longer represents the same camera number. Example: Panel 1 calls up camera 5 instead of camera1. There are 32 single division layout panels available (When in a single division view, look at the bottom left corner and you will see Panel:1/32) . When a camera is double-click in a multi display layout like the 16 division, the camera is still linked to the single division layout and if this is out of order you can lose the PTZ function.


This issue is resolved in DX8100 Server software version 

DX8100 Server version   

The DX8100 Client v2.0.00.2727 is also included, to install unzip the DX8100 Client (2011-04-05) folder and double-click the Setup.exe located inside Data1.