Configure the KDB960 Intelligent Keyboard address to communicate with a CM6800 Matrix Switcher.


Unable to control a CM6800Series Matrix Switcher with a KBD960 Intelligent Keyboard.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • KBD960/KBR960 Intelligent Keyboard
  • CM6800 Series Matrix Switcher (all models) 


KBD960 Intelligent keyboard local address is not configured or duplicated.


Up to Two KBD960-US keyboards can be connected to the CM6800 Series Matrix Switcher for operator control. Each keyboard must be uniquely addressed 1-8. 

To define the local address on a KBD960:
1. Set DIP SW2 ON
2. Enter the Setup PIN (default: 1234) 
3. Select ADV and scroll to the Advance Setup 1 screen. 
4. Navigate to the Local Address row. 
5. Use the right or left arrows to select an address.
6. Select Save to store your changes.
7. Select the Open Door icon to exit.
8. Turn DIP SW2 OFF.
9. Cycle power to KBD960.