How to set time from the CM9700-CC1 Control System.


How to set time from the CM9700-CC1 Control System.

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Pelco Matrix


CM9700 Matrix system


 To set the system time using the CM9700-CC1 PC keyboard.


1. From the CM9700-CC1 diagnostic screen, press Alt+N to display the current configuration filename.
    The configuration filename is displayed in the System box. You will need to enter the name later in this procedure when directed.
2. Press Ctrl+Q to exit the 9700 system.
     The C:\9700> prompt appears.
3. At the prompt, enter time and then press Enter.
    The currently set time is displayed and the following prompt appears:
     Enter new time:
4. Do the following:
a. Enter a time equaling the top of the hour in the xx:xx:xx.xx format followed by the letter a for AM or p for PM (for example,
     2:00:00.00p for 2:00 PM). Do not press Enter.
b. Wait for the RTC to approach the top of the hour.
c. When the RTC equals the top of the hour, press Enter.
5. At the C:\9700> prompt, invoke the system executable by entering startup and then pressing Enter.
    After the CM9700-CC1 initializes, the CM9700-CC1 diagnostic screen appears. In addition, the system time entered in step 4 is displayed
    on all monitors in the system.