Can I assemble the IX-SC service cable myself?


Can I assemble the IX-SC service cable myself?

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Sarix camera


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To assemble a service cable for the Sarix camera, purchase the following items from an electronics supply store:

Qty      Description
  1        2.5 mm stereo plug (male)
  1        CPM 88 miniature coaxial connector
  1        RG174/U coaxial cable
  1        1/8-inch shrink fit tubing, 1/2-inch long    

 To assemble the cable:

1.  Attach the CPM 88 miniature coaxial connector to one end of the cable. Follow the directions supplied with the miniature coaxial connector.

2. Attach the 2.5 mm stereo plug to the other end of the coaxial cable (refer to the figure below):

     a.   Remove the support sleeve from the plug.
     b.   Slip the shrink fit tubing and support sleeve over the end of the cable.
     c.   Prepare the cable:
           (1)  Strip back the outer jacket 0.318 inch (8.06mm) from the end of the cable.
           (2)  Pull back the coaxial braid shield.
           (3)  Strip back the insulating material 0.125 inch (3.18 mm) to expose the center conductor.
     d.   Solder the center connector of the cable to the shoulder pin of the plug.
     e.   Heat the shrink fit tubing around the center conductor and shoulder pin.
     f.    Pull the coaxial braid shield back through the crimp pin and solder it to the top of the crimp pin arm.
     g.   Crimp the end of the crimp pin around the cable.
     h.   Reassemble the support sleeve and the plug.