What is the power requirement for the Outdoor Spectra IV series?


What is the power requirement for Spectra IV series?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV environmental series


Product Specification - Spectra IV with heater will drain more voltage when the heater is turn ON.


  • The Spectra IV requires 24 VAC at 73 VA (73 watts) 3.04 Amps (with heaters) and 23.04 VA(23.04 watts) .96 Amps (without heaters).
  • Use of 24 VDC requires 3 AMPS, 72 watts (with heaters) and  0.7 amps, 16.8 watts (without heaters) Any power supply that meets these requirements may be used.

See LL#8675 for recommended power supply.