How to program a Pattern using a KBD300A?


  • Program a Pattern on a Spectra III / Spectra IV using a KBD300A, or KBD200A.
  • How do I create a Pattern using the KBD300A

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra III
  • Spectra IV Series
  • Spectra Mini
  • KBD300A


Configure the pattern setting on the Spectra III or  IV


To program a pattern : 
1. Select the camera you wish to program a pattern for.
2. Press the pattern number then hold down the pattern button for 2 seconds, the monitor will indicate that the camera is in programming pattern mode.

3. When the screen displays Program Pattern 1 Remaining Storage 100% Move the camera around for the desired pattern.
Note: Change pan/tilt speed on a KBD200A, Tap once numbers from (slowest) 1 thru Fastest (9) 
4. Press ACK when you are finished, and the pattern will be programmed and stored in the camera.
5.Press 1 pattern to start pattern.
KBD300 Programming Manual C527M-L (3/04) See page 28.