Set or adjust the time on a CM9700-CC1 Matrix Switcher from the CM9760-KBD keyboard or from a DOS command prompt.


System 9700 monitor output displays the wrong time

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM9700-CC1 Matrix Switcher
CM9760-KBD Keyboard


System 9700 time settings require adjustment due to DST time change.  Other causes include the CM9700-CC1 leading or lagging over a period of time may be inaccurate by several minutes.


  • Setting the 9700 System time from the CM9760-KBD

1. Select the DEF button on the CM9760-KBD (might have to hit the door key once before the DEF key is available)

2. Enter PIN if asked (default: 1234).

3. Select the clock icon button. Enter PIN if asked (default: 1234).

4. Enter the month, day and year (mm/dd/yy)


5. Select the clock icon again.

6. Enter the hour, minutes and seconds (hh/mm/ss)in a 24 hour format.

7. Select the clock icon again.

8. Select the exit icon.


  • Setting the 9700 System time from the CM9700-CC1 DOS command prompt

1. Connect a monitor and a keyboard to the CM9700-CC1

2. Press "Alt+n" to display the current filename

3. Press "Ctrl+q" to quit the CM9700 system

4. At the DOS prompt type "time" then press enter.  Enter the time in 24 hour format (hour:minutes) then press "enter"

5. Type "startup" then press "enter" to restart the CM9700 System

note:  System 9700 monitor output will display the correct time within 1-3 minutes, depending on 9700 System configuration


Note: If system does not log out into dos prompt, reboot system and press F5 to manually get into the dos prompt

Note: If F5 does not work you might have to use F8 and step though the commands then say N when it tries to run the autoexec.bat