How to program, stop, and run a pattern on the Spectra Series camera using the KBD4002 keyboard


How to program, end and run a pattern of the Spectra Series camera from the KBD4002 Keyboard?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


KBD4002 Keyboard

Spectra Series


For the camera to move in a continuous pattern, the pattern must be programmed by selecting the correct camera’s number and Pattern key on the keyboard.


From the KBD4002 Keyboard:
  1. Press the MAIN or SPOT MONITOR key. The green LED over the MAIN or SPOT key lights. (When using the MAIN MONITOR, the SPOT MONITOR DISPLAY menu item in the Advanced System Setup MENU must be programmed to TRACK MAIN).
  2. Select the camera.
  3. On the number keypad press the number of the camera (1-16), then press the CAM key.
  4. On the number keypad press 1, then HOLD DOWN the PATTERN key. The Spectra III or IV Series camera will now display "REMAINING STORAGE" indicating you are in programming pattern mode. Release the PATTERN key and perform the PTZ functions for pattern.
  5. To stop the pattern, press 1, then press PATTERN key.
  6. To run the programmed pattern, press 1, then press PATTERN key.