Log into CM9500 Series Coaxitron Matrix Switcher from a CM9502-KBD Keyboard/Controller.


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit pelco.com/support/discontinued-products


How to log onto a CM9500 Series Coaxitron® Matrix Switcher from a CM9502-KBD Keyboard/Controller.

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Pelco Matrix


CM9500 Series Coaxitron Matrix Switcher
CM9502-KBD Keyboard/Controller


To access and configure the switcher using CM9502-KBD the operator must log in with the correct User number and User ID. 



IMPORTANT: If the keyboard LCD display shows a message of "NO ACK" or "WAIT...", refer to CM9500 main manual C500M-C, Section 8.0, Troubleshooting for information on how to proceed.

IMPORTANT: Initialization Sequence MUST Precede ANY Logon Attempts
The CM9502 must complete a system initialization sequence before it will accept any commands from any keyboards. Users must wait for the CM9502 system to complete the entire initialization sequence before attempting to Logon to the system.

After initial system power-up, the CPU will display the Pelco logo momentarily, run an initialization program, display the system time, then a "logon" prompt will appear on the keyboard LCD.

When the CM9502 is first powered-up, be certain that the Monitor #1 output is clearly visible to the operator. This is necessary since, by default, all system keyboard ports are assigned to monitor #1 after the initialization sequence.

  1. Press [SELECT]
  2. At the prompt "User No."
    Enter: [01], [SELECT]
  3. At the prompt "User ID"
    Enter: [99999] (There is no need to press "SELECT")
    LCD will now display "Run"

The system will now be ready for initial programming and/or operation.