Dip switch settings for the Spectra IV Dome.


What are the dip switch settings for communication protocol, address, and baud-rate on the Spectra IV Integrated Dome Positioning System?

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Spectra IV Integrated Dome Positioning System


Installation & Switch Configuration




Before installing the dome drive, configure the receiver address, termination, and baud setting. The DIP switches used to configure these settings
are located on the base of the dome drive.

Figure shows the default settings for the DIP switches. Switch SW1-1 (SW1, switch 1) is set to the ON position. All other switches are set to the OFF

Switch Settings Guide here: Switch Settings


Set the SW1 switches for the address of the dome drive. The following information is required to set the dome drive address:

P-Type Control               Default address is 2. Refer to Table A for address settings that use P-type control. Maximum number of receivers is 32.

D-Type Control               Default address is 1. Refer to Table B for address settings that use D-type control. Maximum number of receivers is 254.

C- Type Control              See Lessons Learned Article #9906 for Pelco Coaxitron.


Click for Table A - P-Type Control.

Click for Table B - D-Type Control.

SW2 Switches 6 to 8: Baud Settings:

Pelco D-type controllers are set for 2400 baud. The default setting for the dome drive is 2400 baud. If you are using a Pelco D-type controller, do not reset SW2 switches 1 to 3 or SW2 switches 6 to 8.

Pelco P-type controllers can operate at 2400, 4800, and 9600 baud. Set the SW2 switches (6, 7, and 8), located on the base of the dome drive, to the same baud as the Pelco P-type controller.

SW2 Switch 9: Coaxial/UTP Cable

SW2-9 should be set to the OFF position (default) if you are using coaxial cable. If you are using unsheilded twisted pair (UTP) cable, set SW2-9 to the ON position.


SW2 Switch 10: Termination Setting

When connecting more than one Spectra IV dome system to a single controller, terminate the unit farthest from the controller. Termination is only required for the last dome in the series. The dome drive is shipped from the factory in the unterminated (OFF) position. To terminate the dome drive, set SW2-10 to the ON position.

NOTE: Dome termination is not required for Coaxitron control