How to associate a Endura NET5402R Decoder to an alarm contact on the Endura NET5400T Encoder.


I've created an Endura script to switch a camera to my Endura NET5402R Decoder. How do I associate it to an alarm contact on my Endura NET5400T Encoder?

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Pelco Transmission & Power


Endura NET5402R Decoder
Endura NET5400T Encoder
Endura Workstation Software


To call a script when an alarm is triggered it must be configure in the Scripts tab in the Workstation software.


How to associate a script to an encoder alarm:

  1. Select the Scripts tab in the Endura Workstation software
  2. Click Reload Scripts
  3. Select the appropriate script from the list on the left pane
  4. Click on the Schedule tab
  5. Click on Assign dates, times, and events button
  6. Select Add
  7. Click on the Select event button
  8. Expand Alarm Devices
  9. Select the appropriate encoder alarm