Start or Program a PTZ pattern on an analog camera or Spectra IV IP series camera using DS ControlPoint Client.


Start or program a PTZ pattern (Preset Tour ONLY) on a Spectra Series camera using DS ControlPoint Client.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra series
    • Analog only 
  • DS ControlPoint Client


Patterns allow a PTZ camera to run through an automated tour of camera presets.


To configure a pattern:

  1. Click the PTZ icon (Joystick) to display the PTZ Control tab below the PTZ video frame.  The PTZ Controls tab provides tools for more precise control of the PTZ-enabled cameras that are currently displaying video.
  2. Click the up and down arrows to display the desired number for the Pattern.
  3. Click the Start Recording button.
  4. Call each of the presets that you want to include in the pattern. NOTE: You can also pan, tilt, and zoom using the PTZ controls.
  5. Click the Stop Recording button.
  6. Click the Call button to run the pattern.

Note: If you are unable to program a pattern using these steps while using a CM9760-CXTA, verify that you are using Pelco-D protocol in DSAdmin. As per LL#12318 Patterns are not supported while using the CM9760 built-in Pelco-P protocol.