Can both local and network storage be used on the DS DVR/NVR?


Can both local and network storage be used on the DS DVR/NVR?

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Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVR
  • DS Xpress
  • DS RealVue Xpress
  • DS
  • Network Storage (NAS)


The feature to record video files onto Local and Network storage at the same time is not supported.


NO, DS will not save recorded video to both local storage and network storage at the same time. Only one option can be used to store recorded video.

Note: If network storage device is needed as local storage in conjunction with the local internal JBOD storage; Windows will have to connect to network storage via iSCSI.  iSCSI allows for network storage to be used as a local drive and will assigns it a local drive letter.

After connecting and configuring the iSCSI drive via iSCSI Indicator Properties (configured by the installer / end user) on the DSSRV, follow the steps to add a new unformatted drive to Digital Sentry_ DSSRV LL#11851


When using the Copy to Network Storage Locations feature, your local storage drives will only serve as a temporary storage location for your video. After 1GB or 15 minutes DS will then  transfer the recorded video to the Network Storage Location for its permanent storage location. In the event your Network Storage link is broken and the Network Storage becomes unavailable, new video will start recording on local drives until the Network Storage location becomes available. Once the Network Storage location is back online, the video recorded locally will start transferring to the Network Storage Location.
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