How to configure E-mail notification on the DX8100 Series HVR.


Can the DX8100 be configured to send e-mail notifications alerting users to motion, alarm, and video loss events?

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DX8100 Series


For the DX8100 to notify of an event such as, motion, alarm, and video loss via e-mail, the E-Mail Notification function needs to be set up.


Yes, the DX8100 can be configured to send e-mail to notify users if there is an alarm, motion event or video loss.

The DX8100 can be configured to send e-mail notifications alerting users of motion, alarm, and video loss events. Users with Power User access and higher can configure the notification function. Notifications can be sent to a single e-mail address or a group of addresses, either immediately after an event occurs or periodically according to a predefined schedule. You can configure up to 32 e-mail groups, and up to 32 members can be assigned to each e-mail group. Before sending notifications, you must provide information about your e-mail server and establish the events (motion, alarm, and video loss) that you want to include in the e-mail message. Timing and frequency of the e-mail notifications must also be set. You should test the e-mail notification function immediately after configuration to ensure your system is set up correctly.


  • To use emergency e-mail notification, the DX8100 Series HVR must be connected to a LAN that maintains an SMTP mail server. The network must also be connected to either an intranet or the Internet depending on the location of the e-mail accounts to which you want to send notifications. Consult your network administrator for information about configuring e-mail notification on your local network.
  • The DX8100 does not support the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol required by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers.
  • The DX8100 does not support Google™ Gmail.