No PTZ control of Spectra Dome PTZ cameras that are attached to a NET5400T Series Encoder using DS ControlPoint.


  1. Why can't I control PTZ movement of Spectra Dome PTZ cameras that are attached to a NET5400T Series Encoder using DS ControlPoint?
  2. Enable Net5400 Encoders using DS

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • Spectra Dome Positioning System Cameras
  • NET5400T Series Encoder
  • DS ControlPoint


Support for PTZ control of Spectra Dome cameras was added to NET5400T Series Encoder in Firmware version 1.7.41.

Earlier Firmware revisions, such as version 1.4.9, do not support movement by Digital Sentry NVS / Digital Sentry ControlPoint.


Use the following steps to verify and resolve.

  1. Open your NET5400 Series Web Interface by inputting its IP-ADDRESS into Microsoft Internet Explorer® version or above.
  2. Click Login to login to the encoder. Note: Default credentials are username: admin | password: admin.
  3. Click Settings, and then mouse over System and click Information to verify the firmware version is lower than 1.7.41.
  1. Download and install Pelco Device Utility 2 for Windows or for Macintosh.
  2. Visit the NET5400T Series Encoder landing page on
  3. Click the Downloads tab, and then the Software Sub-tab.
  4. Select and Download the appropriate NET5400T Series Firmware version 1.7.41 or higher file attachment applicable to your model.
  5. Launch Pelco Device Utility 2 (installed from step 1) and follow the instructions in section UPDATING FIRMWARE on page 11 of the attached Device Utility 2 Software Installation/Operation Manual.
  6. Once the NET5400T Series Encoder has finished updating and rebooting (can take up to 20 minutes), check that the update succeeded using the above Verify section in this FAQ.
  7. Finally, use the Camera PTZ tab within Digital Sentry DS Admin to configure the Camera for Spectra IP>
    Depending on Application you will select
  • Coaxitron > Extended Control.(Up-the-coax operation to a PTZ ).
  • D Protocol (Camera control using 2 Wire (RS-422) for PTZ )

You should now have full Control of your Spectra Dome Positioning System Camera from within DS ControlPoint. Restart the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service if not.
Sometimes the PTZ enable doesn't push to the encoder.

If your NET5400T Series already has firmware version 1.7.41 or higher, or for more information on PTZ Control using DS ControlPoint and Setup using DS Admin, see Lessons Learned Article #8854.