How to export video on the DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder?


  • How to export video on the DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder?
  • Export video to USB.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 Series HVR


Export video to disc from the DX8100.


To start the export process:

  1. Make sure the HVR is in Playback or Search mode by clicking the Live button  or the Export button .
  2. Click the Forward button if you are in Live mode, or proceed to step 3 if you are in Search mode.
  3. Click the Export button . The Export Video dialog box opens.
  4. Click the plus (+) sign next to a drive in the Device list.  Available devices are indicated by a check box to the left of the device name. Be sure to insert media into the DVR for export (USB,CD, or DVD); otherwise, there will be an error " Drive is not installed."
  5. Select the check box of the desired device. If you choose a remote device, select the drive and folder path where you would like to store the exported file. You can also click the Browse button to access the file system for the appropriate folder.
    If your DX8100 is connected to a network that supports shared folders and drives, you can map a network drive from within the Export Video dialog box.

*Note*  Selecting a check box that has no media or the drive doesn't exist can result in the error " Media Proteced please try another media type".  Make sure the correct device is selected.

Table AA describes the available devices.



Type Description
Optical drives

The DX8100 supports the following drives:

  • CD-R
  • DVD-R
Hard disk drives

The hard disk drive can be any of the following:

  • Local drives
  • Remote drives
Removable drives USB flash drives


  1. Select the check box of the video time range you want to export.  You can export multiple time ranges simultaneously.
  2. Click in the File Name box, and then type the file name for each selected video time range.  You can accept the default file name assigned to the time range.
  3. Select the export format.
  4. Click Export.



The DX8100 allows you to select the export format. Table AB describes the available export formats.

  • Native format: When exporting video in the native format, the DX8100 embeds a digital watermark in the video stream for the purpose of authentication. Watermarking ensures that an image has not been edited or damaged after it has been recorded. The watermark is an encrypted, digital signature embedded in the video stream during the compression stage, protecting the video from the moment of creation. The DX8100 Viewer software is capable of reading a DX8100 watermark and verifying the originality of the video.
  • AVI or ASF format: Video exported in AVI or ASF format can be viewed using standard viewer software such as Windows Media Player.
    NOTE: Refer to the DX8100 product specification or DX8100 Client Operation/Configuration manual for recommended computer requirements for playing back exported video.
    NOTE: Audio export is available on the DX8100 native, AVI, and ASF video formats.

    When exporting video in the native format to a CD or DVD device, the DX8100 will automatically include the DX8100 Viewer application along with the video. This viewer is designed to play a variety of still image, video, and audio media formats, including the native DX8100 format. The DX8100 Viewer application will automatically run each time a CD or DVD created by the DX8100’s export feature is inserted into a Windows-based computer. To ensure that the viewer software runs automatically after the disk has been inserted, verify that the auto-run feature of your computer’s optical drive has not been disabled.

Note: If the export is larger then 1.4GB you will see a prompted change media



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For detailed instructions on exporting multiple times or channels, please refer to the DX8100 Server Application Software Operation and Configuration Manual page 99 "Bookmarking and Exporting Multiple Channels".