Playback exported video using a computer without Digital Sentry software installed.


How to playback recorded video that has been exported to a CD/DVD or USB drive on a computer that does not have Digital Sentry software installed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSENTRY
  • MasterControl
  • IMedia Player
  • CD/DVD
  • USB
  • .XPA
  • .xpa
  • .XPV
  • .XPI


View the exported video (XPA for DigitalSentry or XPV and XPI for MasterControl) without installing Digital Sentry software.


To play back recorded video on a computer that does not have DigitalSENTRY software installed, following procedure 1 or 2:

  1. Copy the IMedia Player from a PC running DigitalSENTRY software or DS ControlPoint
    1. Go to file location C:\Program Files\PELCO\Common Files or C:\Program Files (x86)\PELCO\Common Files
    2. Copy this file to the CD or USB drive where the .XPA for DigitalSentry or .XPV and XPI for MasterControl file is located
  2. Download DS Media Player on the workstation that will be used to play the video files.
    1. Right click on and select extract
    2. Insert CD/DVD or USB storage drive
    3. Locate and double click the video file name (i.e. Lobby.XPA)
    4. A window will display asking which program you would like to use to open the file
    5. Click the "browse" button and locate a file named “IMedia.exe“
    6. Highlight the file and click OK