How to change the IP address in MasterControl to a static IP when windows access is disabled.


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How to change the IP address in MasterControl to a static IP when windows access is disabled.

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Pelco Cameras


MasterControl DVXi


Configure the default IP address to a static IP address.


 Mastercontrol is programmed to start upon reboot (in case of power failure) and Windows is not accessible even if kiosk mode and "Exit to Windows upon shutdown" is selected.
 To change the IP address of the DVXi unit, follow the instructions below. 
1. Log into Mastercontrol as the administrator. Stop recording.
2. Go to the Setup page and select the Users tab.
3. Uncheck the "Enable Restrictions" checkbox. (Some restrictions require a reboot to disable. Restart the machine now.)
4. Upon reboot, login again as administrator and stop recording.
5. In the Mastercontrol task bar, right click the "Utilities" icon and select the On-Screen Keyboard.
6. Select the "Help" menu in the On-Screen keyboard and choose "Contents" from the menu.
7. In the help screen that pops up, right click anywhere in the blue portion at the top of the window and select "jump to URL".
8. In the box that pops up, type "C:\" and press the enter key. The folder structure for the C: drive will be visible.
9. Right click on any folder and select "Explore". A new window will open.
10. In the directory tree on the left side of the screen, expand the "Control Panel" directory. Left click "Network connections".
11. In the right side of the window, right click LAN Connection (LAN 2, 3 or what ever number is assigned to the DVXi unit) and left click "Properties".
12. Scroll down to "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and right click one time, then select "Properties" once again.
13. Select the radio button for "Use the following IP address" and "Use the following DNS server address"
14. Change the IP address and subnet mask to the desired configuration.
15. Click "OK". Close all windows not associated with Mastercontrol.
The static IP address will now be changed.