How to setup PTZ control on the DS Xpress or DS RealVue Xpress?


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  1. No coaxitron PTZ control of Spectra from DS Xpress or RealVue Xpress.
  2. Does a DS System support Coaxitron Protocol?
  3. How do you connect a CM9760-CXTA to a DS system?

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Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSentry
  • DSXpress
  • DS1000
  • DSRealVue
  • CM9760 CXT-A


The COM port and camera need to be configured for PTZ control on the DS Xpress.


Verify the wiring from the DS Xpress/ RealVue Xpress for PTZ control

  1. Connect the wire pair from the camera to the DS system on T+ and T- , the polarity needs to stay aligned.

    Example: DS System T+ connects to R+ on the camera. Pelco PTZ cameras use RS-422 when connecting to Pelco equipment.

  2. Locate the COM Ports assigned to the DS System
    1. Open Device Manager (Right Click My Computer on Desktop > Select Manage > Select Device Manager)
    2. Go to Ports (COM & LPT), locate USB - 1st Serial Port (COM17)
    3. Close Device Manager
  3. Configure the Serial Port and PTZ Control in DS Admin.
    1. Open DS Admin (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS Admin)
    2. Navigate Available Systems > VAU and then click on the system listed directly under the VAU folder like a hyper-link (do not expand but click on - hand icon).
    3. The VAU configuration tabs will be loaded in the right hand window, click on the Serial Ports tab.
    4. Add the COM ports that are assigned to Ports (COM & LPT) to the Assigned COM Ports (Note: COM port will be plus 1 of USB - 1st Serial Port, example if COM17 was detected use COM 18)
    5. Highlight the first COM port listed in Assigned COM Ports and then select the General tab.
    6. Change the Interface Type: to "PTZ" and the PTZ Type: to "Your cameras protocol - Pelco usually = Pelco D, No Parity", may need to click the "Get Types" button to populate a list of options.  Leave the rest of the options to defaults and then check the box for Active.

      Note: For information on Digital Sentry PTZ Protocols, refer to article: What PTZ protocols does the Digital Sentry software support?
    7. Click Save.
    8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for each additional COM port listed in the Assigned COM Ports window.
  4. In order for the changes to the Serial Ports to take effect, the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service needs to be restarted.
    1. Open Services (Start > run and type services.msc > select the Services)
    2. Locate the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service, right-click and select Restart.
  5. In DS Admin, expand the Cameras folder and select the PTZ camera in the list.
  6. The cameras configuration tabs will load on the right, click on the PTZ tab.
  7. Check the box next to Enable PTZ support for this camera
  8. Click the drop down menu under "Camera Connected to port" and select the first COM port assigned to the DS System wired for PTZ control.  Select the "Available Address" which matches the camera's configured address.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Still in the PTZ tab, verify the "PTZ HUD On" is checked/enabled, then left-click drag the mouse pointer in the outer box in the HUD to PTZ the camera.  The center square controls zoom, the boxes on the right control Iris and Focus.

    Note: If the PTZ camera does not move, try :
    * Restart DS Video Service
    * Other COM ports available in the "Camera Connected to port" drop down menu. 
    * Verify the wiring from the DS System to the camera.
    * Another option to try is to reboot the DS System.