What are the required services for DigitalSENTRY recording and live video playback?


What are the required services for DigitalSENTRY recording and live video playback?

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Pelco Video Management


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Unable to get live or playback video in DS ControlPoint.


On all DigitalSENTRY systems, there are certain services that need to be running in order for the system to run properly. For all versions prior to 7.x, after a recovery or fresh installation, you need to have the DigitalSENTRY Video Server Service and DigitalSENTRY Storage Service started. We also recommend setting it to automatic so they start on their own after a reboot.
  1. From the Start menu, open Settings and Control Panel.
  2. Open Administrative Tools.
  3. Open Services.
  4. Double-click the service whose startup mode you want to change.
  5. Choose the Startup Type from the drop-down list. The following options are available:
    • Automatic—the service starts automatically when the computer is started.
    • Manual—you must start the service manually.
    • Disabled—the service cannot be started.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Then right click on both the DigitalSENTRY Video Server Service, and the DigitalSENTRY Storage Service and select START.

*Version 7.x and later. Services are setup during a new install by DS Quick Setup.

Here is a list of the main services for DigitalSentry and the status and startup type:

                   Name                                                               Status                                    Startup type

  • DigitalSENTRY Storage Service                                       Started                                     Automatic
  • DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service                                 Started                                     Automatic
  • DigitalSENTRY VSAN Watch Service                                                                               Manual
  • DigitalSENTRY WatchDog Service                                                                                   Manual
  • IntegralSqlAgentService                                                  Started                                     Automatic
  • SQL Server (DS_MSSQLSERVER)                                  Started                                     Automatic
  • DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Utility                                   Started                                     Automatic

These service will log on as DSNVSUser with password Pelco123 by default.