Connect 3rd party Controller to CM9760-CXTA.


Trying to connect a 3rd party DVR to a CM9760-CXTA and can not gain PTZ control.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator
  • 3rd Party DVR Recorder
  • CAT5E Cable     


  • Installation or service for correct wire pinouts and switch configuration for Integration
  • CM9760-CXTA is set to P protocol while the DVR is set to D.
  • Wiring not attached correctly or broken connection.
  • Power Cycle of CM9760-CXTA is required after switch configuration.
  • Verify addressing scheme. If not connected 1 for 1, will change address setting on 3rd party DVR  to what input connection it is on CM9760-CXTA.
  • Proper 75 ohm video termination.


Enhance Coaxitron control may be required on the Spectra Series camera. Refer to Lessons Learned Article #9488

  1. Power Off the CM9760-CXTA
  2. Turn CM9760-CXTA dip switch 3 to the ON (Up) position.   This will set the Protocol to D, baud rate to 2400,  and parity to None.  The input is RS-422.
  3. Turn CM9760-CXTA dip switch 8 to the ON (Up) position.  This sets the receiver type to Spectra.  
  4. Turn switches 1, 2, 4-7 to the OFF (Down) position.
  5. Power On the CM9760-CXTA
  6. Wire the TX- and TX+ data from the DVR to the receive pins 7 (RX-) and 8 (RX+) on the CM9760-CXTA.
  7. CM9760-CXTA COMM IN port pin-out assignment below.

NOTE: Configuration switch positions are read only at power-up time; therefore, switch changes made after power is applied have no effect until power is recycled.