Synchronize the time on the Digital Sentry Series recorders


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How to synchronize the time on the Digital Sentry Series recorders.

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Digital Sentry Series Recorders


FLTime allows you to synchronize the Windows clock on your DS components. You can run FLTime on DS Enterprise VAUs to synchronize them to the DMS, or you can run it on a DS server to synchronize it with another DS server running FLTime.


  1. Run FLTime from the start menu.
  2. Enter the IP address of the DMS or DS server with which you are synchronizing.
  3. Adjust the slider bar to determine how often the component will synchronize with the target DS server.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click View Scheduled Tasks to verify that the synchronization is properly scheduled.

You can force a synchronization at any time by clicking Force Time Sync. You can also delete a time sync schedule by clicking Delete Time Sync Task.

The Last Time Sync field displays the results of the most recent time synchronization, and the bottom field displays a log file containing additional information about the most recent synchronization. To ensure that you are viewing the most recent information, use the "Click to Reload" button.

The bottom of the FLTime window shows the current time of the component in both 24-hour and 12-hour format.

FLTime will only sync to another DS unit running FLTime and will "not" sync to a PC or time server. FL Time is not supported with DSSRV's.

To setup Time synchronization on DSSRV in Windows:

Time sync client PC or DSSRV / DSSRV2 to NTP server using Meinberg.