Setting up an Endura NET5400 Encoder with a static IP address using Device Utility:


Endura NET5400 Encoder needs a statically assigned IP address instead of a Dynamically (DHCP) assigned one.

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Endura NET5400 Encoder - All Versions


DHCP is the default setting for the NET5400 Encoder.


To configure the Endura NET5400 Encoder, do the following:


  1. Download the Device Utility 2.3
  2. Install the Device Utility on a computer
  3. Connect one end of an ethernet crossover cable to the computer and the other end to the encoder
  4. Power the encoder on
  5. Open Device Utility 2.0 and login with ID: admin and password: admin
  6. After the software finds the unit scroll down under the Settings window and change the IP address.