Changing the description of an Endura Device via Endura Utilities.


Devices in Endura are named to generic names like 'Endura Basic NVR', which makes identification of specific units difficult.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


All Endura equipment.


This is the default setting for all Endura devices.


These names can be modified in Endura Utilities with the following procedure:

  1. Launch Endura Utilities.  The latest version can be found here.
  2. Login using the Endura WS5000 admin login credentials.
  3. Click Search
  4. Click SM Search
  5. In the System Attributes tab: Double-click the device to have its name changed. This will change the view to the Device tab. Change Friendly Name to desired name.
  6. Click Apply
Selecting "Name All" while under an Encoder will append the friendly name on all levels of the encoder and default the camera descriptions to "Camera 01, Camera 02, etc. If you have custom camera names they will be replaced with default descriptions, i.e. Camera 01, Camera 02, etc.