How to setup motion recording on the DX4500/4600 DVR?


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How to setup motion recording on the DX4500/4600 DVR?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4500 DVR
  • DX4600 DVR
  • Motion Recording


Recorder should only record when there is a motion event. This will help increase recording retention.


  1. Log onto the DVR with the administrator level.
  2. On the front panel, press the MENU/ESC button or press the MENU/ESC button on the remote control. Using the mouse, click the Setup icon. By default, the Setup window opens and the Camera menu is selected.
  3. On the front panel or remote control, press the up/down arrow buttons to highlight Motion Record. Using the mouse, click Motion Record. The Motion Record option is highlighted and the property settings appear.

  4. Press the left/right arrow buttons to select the resolution, quality, and image rate fields, and press ENTER.

  5. On the front panel or remote control, press the up/down arrow buttons to highlight the Schedule menu. Using the mouse, click the Schedule menu. The schedule options are displayed.
  6. Select Sunday, create the Motion schedule by selecting the cell for Motion (blue).

  7. Repeat step 4a for additional channels.
  8. Go to Linking, and select Motion.
  9. Select the Chanel you want to configure.
  10. Configured Motion Area (Masking) as needed per camera.
  11. In the Area window drag the outline over an area from left to right to highlight green the selected cells.
    NOTE: In motion area, blocks that are high  lighted green will detect motion as to blocks that are cleared will ignore the motion.

  12. To clear Motion Area:
    Drag the outline over the green highlighted cells from the right (bottom corner) to the left. All selected cells will be cleared signifying motion will be ignored.
  13. Exit Motion menu setting to save changes.

    The Event Storage will have to be in increase for longer record retention.
  14. Click "System" from the setup menu

  15. Click on "Hard Disk" from the sub-menu.

  16. Increase "Event Partition" percentage if only motion recording is needed. Note Once change you will be prompt hard drives will be reformat and existing data will be lost.
  17. Allow system to restart.
  18. Once system in displaying live video confirm blue circle with a "M" appear when motion is detected then turns white when no motion occurs.