Resetting the MX4016CD/MX4004CD multiplexer to factory defaults.


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The MX series multiplexer needs to be reset to defaults.
The MX series multiplexer is not outputting any video to the monitor.
Pan and tilt control is not working.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  1. MX series multiplexer
  2. MX4016CD
  3. MX4004CD


Power fluctuated to the unit and set some parameter to an undesirable value. The unit now needs to be reset to factory defaults.


  1. Make sure a monitor is hooked up to the main monitor output. If not, attach a monitor. If a monitor is already attached, proceed
  2. Power down the MX4016CD/4004CD multiplexer
  3. Hold in the view button
  4. Power it back up. Keep holding the view button and look and the video on the main monitor. A count down will be displayed.
  5. Wait for the count down to go to zero, and the system set up to come up
  6. The system has been reset.