Digital Sentry: No live video from an IP camera in DS ControlPoint.


  • DS ControlPoint shows no video, a RED line through camera icon.
  • DS ControlPoint shows no video / configuring camera.
  • DS Admin shows no video / video loss.
  • Replacing an IP camera shows no video.
  • No video for the newly added IP camera but live video can be seen through the web interface and DS QuickSetup Wizard.
  • Updated/changed a username/password in DS QuickSetup or DS Admin.
  • Updated/changed a username/password in the camera web page.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV(2)
  • DSNVs
  • DS
  • All IP cameras


  • Configuration issues with DS not matching the supported IP camera settings.
  • DS not having enough licenses to add IP cameras.


Camera compatibility:

  1. Verify that DS supports the camera you're trying to add. Digital Sentry Supported Devices List: What Pelco/Third-Party IP cameras are supported on the Digital Sentry (DS) System?
  2. Most new Pelco IP cameras dating to 2013 will need to have DS v7.3 or later. If needing to update the DS software. How to upgrade the Digital Sentry Software Suite on DSSRV / DSSRV2 / DS NVs HVR(s) and NVR(s).
  3. Verify you have enough IP license's and that your license key is valid. How to check IP camera license availability on DigitalSentry.


  1. Check IPFrameGrabber log and see what ERROR's you have, go to Start > Event Viewer > Applications and Services > IPFrameGrabber.

  2. Determine the error that you have, IPFrameGrabber will give you the Camera driver (Pelco), the IP address of that camera ( and the issue.
    1. If the error states:
      1. Could not connect to the device. It may be offline. Verify you can ping the IP camera and access the IP camera web page.
      2. Resolution Parameter name: The specified resolution for this camera is not supported. Correct the resolution in DS Admin, verify the resolution matches what the IP camera supports.
      3. ImageType Parameter name: The specified codec type: mpeg4 for this camera is not supported. Correct the Compression, verify the compression matches what the IP camera supports
      4. Authentication Failed: Correct the username/password, verify the username/password matches the IP camera.
      5. Authorization Error: Time sync IP camera to DS.
      6. Object reference not set to an instance of an object: Correct the frame rate, notice that in DS Admin the frame rate is in Images Per Minute. You will need to take your frame rate and multiply by 60. Frame rate will also be listed under the Images Per Minute.
      7. No errors: Turn Windows Firewall off.

Replacing IP camera:

  1. If replacing an IP camera with a different manufacture you will need to delete the camera then re-add camera. How to delete IP cameras from a Digital Sentry system. How do I add/delete/configure an IP camera to any Digital Sentry system?
  2. If a camera is coming back from repair and need to enable the camera only. DSSRV(2): Enable or Disable an IP Camera. *Note: Repaired camera maybe a new model camera due to obsolescence.


Newly add IP camera:

  1. Adding Pelco IP camera with DS QuickSetup
    1. Verify you are using the Pelco driver NOT ONVIF. Generally you will see two listing for the same IP camera.
    2. Adding Optera IMM12 series IP camera. How to add and configure an Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry system.
    3. Adding Evolution EVO-05/EVO-12. How to add and configure an Oncam Grandeye EVO-05 / EVO-12 to a Digital Sentry system.
  2. Adding 3rd party camera with DS QuickSetup
    1. Adding ONVIF compliant camera. How to add and configure an ONVIF compatible IP camera to a Digital Sentry system?
    2. Adding RTSP stream. How to add and configure an IP camera RTSP stream URL to a DigitalSentry system.


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