How to connect a CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron translator to a DS Xpress or DS RealVue Xpress?


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What PTZ protocol is used when connecting a DS Xpress to a CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron translator?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS XPress
  • DS RealVue Xpress
  • DS1000
  • DS Desktop
  • CM9760-CXTA


Recommended configuration to make the communication between a DSSRV or DSXPress and the CM9760-CXTA.


DSXPress and CM9760-CXTA
Connection illustration:
  1. Make all necessary connections with system powered off.
    Note: Looping video to three or more devices can cause PTZ control to malfunction, when configuring for the first time setup DS system and CM9760-CXTA as illustrated.
    Note: DS RealVue and DS1000 are labeled TX+/- on the back of the unit.

  2. Change the Dip switch on the CM9760-CXTA.

  3. Connect the Data cable between the CM9760-CXTA to DS system.

  4. Configure DS Admin for Pelco D No Parity.

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