Delay in focus in the Spectra IV Series


Why is there a delay in focus?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV version 2.400
KBD300A keyboard


The predefined focus value is not associated with respective zoom values.


Perform the following instruction from the keyboard:

  1. Enter 95, PRESET. Camera menu appears.
    Refer to Lessons Learned article "Access Spectra main menu (Preset 95)" for instructions on programming preset 95 for Pelco's controllers
  2. Toggle down to "DOME SETTINGS"
  3. Press IRIS OPEN. Dome settings appears.
  4. "CAMERA" is selected by default.
  5. Press IRIS OPEN. Camera menu appears.
  6. Toggle down to "ADVANCED SETTINGS"
  7. Press IRIS OPEN. Advanced Settings menu appears.
  8. Toggle down to "ZOOM FOCUS TRACE"
    1. There are three settings: Select the setting that suit your environment.
      1. NIGHT (default): Applies zoom focus trace in dark scenes.
      2. DAY/NIGHT: Applies zoom focus trace in both light and dark scenes.
      3. OFF: Disables the zoom focus trace.
  9. Toggle to "EXIT"
  10. Press IRIS OPEN.   Exit Camera menu.