Enable Coaxitron camera control using a Genex Series Multiplexer


No PTZ control after factory reset the GENEX MULTIPLEXER.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Genex Multiplexer


Camera configuration was reset to factory settings.


To function properly, the GENEX Multiplexer Camera Programming must be configured for Extended/Standard Coaxitron to achieve PTZ control.
To program a camera input:
  1. Press the desired CAMERA button for approximately three seconds until the Camera menu appears. Type the password, if requested. The currently selected menu item blinks.

    A video insert appears that shows what the camera is viewing. This helps ensure you have selected the correct camera and lets you see how video is affected when you select a menu option.

  2.  Use the arrow buttons to move between items on the screen.

  3. When the menu item you desire is highlighted (blinking), press the +/- button to cycle through the options to select the one you want. Use the right arrow button to advance to the next character position when titling a camera.

    Coaxitron Format

    EXTENDED - Use when your system has moveable cameras controlled by 32-bit Coaxitron receivers, such as Esprit™, Intercept, Spectra, IRD/ERD2000 Series, and LRD41C21/LRD41C22 Series.

    OFF - Use when your system has fixed cameras only.

    STANDARD - Use when your system has moveable cameras controlled by 15-bit Coaxitron receivers, such as the CX9000 Series, the PT7700, and the ED25/27/28/29.

  4.  To program another camera, press the button for that camera. Repeat steps 2-3.

  5. When you finish all the changes you want to make, go to EXIT.

  6. Press the +/- button to exit programming mode.