Endura WS5200 software Installation Options


Is the Endura WS5200 software available as a stand-alone product or does the WS5070 Workstation hardware solution have to be purchased?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura workstation software on a Microsoft Windows based system


Install Endura Workstation software on non-Pelco unit.


The Endura WS5200 software comes bundled on the Endura WS5070 workstation product and is also available as a stand-alone software product for use on non-Pelco computers that meet the minimum specifications as documented in the Endura Advanced System Management Software Spec Sheet.

Please refer to the chart below for the available Endura WS5200 Advanced System Management Software Licenses.

Part Number Description
WS5200-1 One seat license
WS5200-5 Five seat license
WS5200-10 Ten seat license
WS5200-25 Twenty-five seat license
WS5200-SITE Unlimited seats for a single Endura System.