Program a CM6800E as a satellite device connected to a CM9700 Matrix Switcher


How to install a CM6800E as a satellite device connected to a CM9700 Matrix Switcher.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM6800E Matrix System
CM9700 Matrix Switcher


Remote satellite switcher.
To view and control video inputs.


  1. Install the CM6800E-48X8, in either a 48 x 8 or 96 x 16 configuration, and then connect the cameras. Refer to the instructions in the Installation section.
  2. Use a straight data cable to connect port 7 on the CM6800E-48X8 to the next available sercom port on the CM9760-CC1. Refer to the port assignment table in the CM9740/CM9760 System documentation. If the CM6800E-48X8 is more than 6 feet away from the CM9760-CC1, use two wall blocks and additional cables as needed. Connect the wall block pins 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 at each end.
  3. Connect video cable tie lines from the CM6800E-48X8 monitor output ports to the video input BNC receptacles on the CM9760-MXB. The number of CM6800E cameras that the 9700 System can control at any one time, depends on the number of tie lines connected between the two systems. If you connect two tie lines, the 9700 System can control a maximum of two CM6800E cameras at one time. You can connect a maximum of eight tie lines.
    Note that you must use the CM6800E-48X8 monitor outputs in sequential order, starting with monitor output 1. If you use a local monitor to program the CM6800E-48X8, the local monitor must have the highest assigned number.