The DX8100 fails with a Microsoft Windows blue screen error : NTGLM7X.sys


The DX8100 randomly fails with a Microsoft Windows Blue Screen error (BSOD)

Microsoft Windows blue screen error information:

STOP: 0x00000050
The problem seems to be caused by the following file: NTGLM7X.sys

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 v2.0.00.2717


Health monitoring software driver conflict on the DX8100 Series.


If the DX8100 is displaying the NTGLM7x.sys blue screen error, follow the below steps to resolve:

  1. Power cycle the DX8100 to restart the system, the DX8100 will boot normally and load into the software properly.
  2. Download and install the DX8100 software update by following steps 2 - 10.
  3. Link for DX8100 patch -
  4. Download both the DX8100 file and extract it to a USB flash drive.
  5. On the DX8100 Server, click on File > Exit > Exit to Windows Mode
  6. You will be prompted for a Microsoft Windows password, password = dx8100
  7. Click on Start > Run and type in explorer then click OK.
  8. Select My Computer and open your USB flash drive, navigate to DX8100 Patch > DX8100 Server (2011-04-05) > Data1
  9. Click on the setup file which has a Type of Application and follow the prompts.


Note: If the the DX8100 is restarted before the patch is applied, it may boot normally and function properly; but the error can return at any time and cause recording loss.