PTZ Cameras continue to move after joystick control is released from the KBD300A keyboard?


While controlling a PTZ camera, the camera continues to move even after a user has stopped pan, tilt, or zoom joystick control motions.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • KBD300A version 5.40 or higher software.
  • PTZ Camera – Any make and model.


The Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions may drift over time with excessive use.


  1. The joystick can be auto-calibrated by holding down the [F5] AUX off key during power up.
  2. Release the [F5] AUX off key at the moment the version LED display has finished flashing; the joystick will be auto-calibrated.

Note: The joystick should not be moved during this auto-calibration. After the version LED display has finished, the joystick can be used.