How do I program a Video Loss event using a CM6800 Matrix


Use the Video Loss screen to program the CM6800 to detect video loss from any camera input and indicate the loss through alarm mode. The logical alarm number, the alarm icon and a “V” (for video loss) will appear on system monitors as a user specifies by alarm group assignment.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800 32x6
  • CM6800E 48x8
  • CM6800E 96x16


Application programming.



  1. Access the matrix menu by pushing the PGM (Program) key on the keyboard
  2. Enter the password - 2899100 - to enter the menu
  3. Scroll down to Alarm contacts and select this option
  4. Scroll down to Video loss and select this option
  5. Select the PHYSICAL INPUT number; the logical camera number associated with the physical input appears in the CAMERA field.
  6. Select ON in the ENABLE field.
  7. In the GROUP ENABLE field, select “Y” under the appropriate group letter to assign the alarm contact to one or more alarm groups. Refer to the Program Alarm Groups section for information on alarm group display options.
  8. Optional: The ACK TYPE (alarm clearance type) field is set to MANUAL by default, requiring an operator to acknowledge a video loss alarm from a system keyboard. If you select AUTO, the alarm will time out automatically after the interval specified in the TIME OUT field.