What USB flash drives were tested/supported with the DX4000 DVR?


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit pelco.com/support/discontinued-products


USB flash drives used to export video from a DX4000 DVR.

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Pelco Video Management


DX4000 DVR version = ALL


The DX4000 has been tested with various USB flash drives for compatibility.


This report provides information about USB flash memory drives you can recommend for use with the DX4004 Series digital video recorder. Product Support Engineering has tested the USB flash memory drives listed in the table below.

Note: The USB flash drives listed in the table below were tested using the same backup/export test settings (listed next) and passed essential test criteria. The DX4004 Linux operating system does not support USB drives capacities greater than 1 TB.

Test settings: Backup test = 5 minutes of video; (Backup size = 105 MB.)

Manufacturer Model/Size Export Backup Comments
DiskGo, Edge 1 GB Yes Yes  
I/O magic, Gigabank, 12 GB No No The DVR software could not read the USB drive, missing drivers
Imation, 2 GB Yes Yes  
LG, Xtick, 256 MB Yes Yes  
Maxtor, One Touch 4 Mini, 160 GB Yes Yes  
Memorex, M-Flyer, 2 GB Yes Yes  
Memorex, Travel Drive, 512 MB Yes Yes  
PGTI DISK Pro, "White Pelco Brand," 2 GB Yes Yes  
PNY, Attache, 4 GB, 16 GB Yes Yes  
SanDisk, Cruzer Freedom, 1 GB Yes Yes  
SanDisk, Cruzer Titanium, 2 GB Yes Yes  
SanDisk, Micro, 2 GB No No Intermittent usage with DVR
Seagate FreeAgent Go, 250 GB Yes Yes  
Sony, MicroVault, 4 GB Yes Yes  
Staples, Relay, 2 GB Yes Yes  
Toshiba, HDDR250E03X, 250 GB Yes Yes  
Western Digital, Passport, 250 GB Yes Yes  
Verbatim, 250 GB No No The DVR software could not read the USB drive, missing drivers